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This website is meant to stand as a permanent testament of love and dedication to Peri Plantenberg.

In honor of Peri, since 2005, I have done everything in my power to launch a movement for parents to be able to bring their babies to work every day and care for them while doing their jobs. Creating as many babies-at-work programs as possible became my passion to enable more parents to prevent their families from being separated like ours was. I created and have run the Parenting in the Workplace Institute ( since 2007.

I think about Peri every day and will always love her unconditionally. I will always be there for her at carlasmoquin @ (no spaces) and (801) 897-8702, no matter what she may need. 

Alpha (alpha.moquin @ (no spaces)) and Echo (echomoquin @ (no spaces)) are also eager to build their relationship with their sister, Peri.

All Our Love Forever,
Carla Moquin

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